Do you offer free consultation on your first visit?

Yes! Our team will be happy to discuss various treatment options as well as how we can provide you effective methods to help straighten your smile!

How long can I expect the first visit to take?

Depending on the individual patient’s needs, your first visit can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. We will do an exam and give a thorough explanation of where treatment might be most effective. This exam will include diagnostics as well as casts of the teeth with photographs.

Do you accept transfer patients?

We happily accept patients who might be coming in from out of town or from another city. We will gather the records available for the patient and continue with treatment options for whatever stage the patient is currently at. Unlike other practices, in most cases, we do not require a down payment but merely a monthly fee to complete the treatment already in progress.

Do you work with adult patients?

The ability to have straight teeth is something that everyone deserves, regardless of age! Many of our current patients are adults who have found great results in treatments that we have offered them. Come speak with Dr. Dorminey to ask about what adult care options we can provide!

How is an orthodontist different from a dentist?

Being an orthodontist means that Dr. Dorminey has had at least 2 more years of full-time training, specifically in the field of orthodontics. There is a nationally accepted specialty certificate that Dr. Dorminey has acquired resulting from this specialty training. He can then limit his field of treatment to straightening teeth and dentofacial orthopedics.

What is the best way to schedule an appointment?

You can request a complimentary initial exam by calling our office at (916) 686-6900 or making an appointment request here through our website. We will be happy to get an appointment set up at a time that works for you. For current patients, appointments are made at the end of each exam or by calling the office at (916) 686-6900.